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bold & basic ceramics: porcelain dinner plate palms, green

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Picking between being bold or minimalistic seems like a tough ultimatum, but here at HKliving we believe it’s possible to be both! With our Bold & Basics collection you can embody both features and seamlessly let your love for vivid colours stand out with our minimalist shapes. Helping you create the ultimate eclectic mix of tableware.

In this spirit we’ve even updated our jungle set, adding green hand painted palm trees to our jungle bowl, dinner and side plate set. This exciting jungle range is entirely made out of porcelain and all items are hand finished. So, keep your dining experience unique but sophisticated and introduce some character to your cabinetry for the best aesthetic companion for any scenario. Being bold and basic has never been easier!
11,95  inkl. MwSt.


Zusätzliche Informationen

Zusätzliche Informationen

Gewicht 4,15 kg
Größe 27 × 27 × 1,5 cm







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bold & basic ceramics: porcelain dinner plate palms, green