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DORIS for HKLIVING: lobby bench floral print

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We are passionate about design, fashion, prints, vintage and craftsmanship and love to work with kindred spirits. It was love at first sight with DORIS vintage!

That’s why a co-creation between two Dutch vintage loving brands was the only option. So may we present, with pride: DORIS for HKLIVING! We were inspired to give our iconic HKliving lobby bench a vintage touch up, so why not renew it with a DORIS inspired vintage floral print?

Kim Wijte is the vintage treasure hunter behind DORIS vintage. Her found treasures include: floral, boudoir, and ‘très chic’ patterns. Mainly found in clothing, but in our collaboration we decided to take it a step further. Together we created “something floral, something chic, with a boudoir finishing touch”; a collection that suits both our styles.
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Zusätzliche Informationen

Zusätzliche Informationen

Größe 140 × 40 × 45 cm



100% polyester (6%), plywood (90%), sponge (4%)




9401 80 00 00


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DORIS for HKLIVING: lobby bench floral print